Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 2, well sort of

So this is week 2 of p90x. Actually I'm kind of starting over...let me explain. Towards the end of last week, I was so sore and tired and pretty much done with p90x, when it hit me that it's ok to take a break. I decided that I would just use last week as a test week to get conditioned to the workouts so I can go hardcore this week. I took 2 days off, which was a great idea. My body had time to rest and recover, and I didn't feel like quitting any longer. When I started over yesterday, I was actually excited about doing the workouts. I now know better which weights to use and how many reps to perform. I do plyometrics tonight, which I dread. I'm not a huge fan of jumping all over the place. Last week when I did this workout, after 10 minutes I wanted to quit, but I kept saying just a few more exercises. After an hour of coaxing myself every 10 minutes, I made it through the entire workout. This was actually the DVD that kicked my butt and made me sore for the rest of the week. I am determined tonight not to get discouraged by this one workout and take more breaks. After all, I have 90 days to be able to fully do the workout, so why am I trying to make that happen right now?

I have also started my half-marathon training for the Mercedes half in February. Between p90x and running and work and school, I have no life...j/k. I'm learning time management and what my priorities are. Well, that's a long enough break. Off to write a paper :)

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  1. as annoying as tony horton can be sometimes, i kinda have a tiny crush on him. i can also predict what he's going to say, haha!