Friday, February 13, 2009

Wanting What I Can't Have

Life seems to be full of many more wants than needs. These wants are typically things we can't have or at least can't have at the moment. I tend to be in this situation quite frequently, then I get what I want and maybe it's not as good, so it gets discarded, then I want it again. I'm left wondering why I do this. For instance, I'm single, and I want to be dating, then I date someone, and I want to be single. Then I realize that I really do want to be with that person, but I can't, which makes it even harder. Why don't I want to want Jesus this much? Why am I constantly seeking after things I can't have and not seeking the thing that I do have? Jesus is saying, "Here I am! You will only find satisfaction and contentment in Me. Why aren't you seeking me? Why are you so distracted by all these wants when you have absolutely everything you need right here in front of you?" So will I surrender to the things of the world or to my Savior?

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