Monday, January 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi never ceases to amaze me

Over the past year, I have gotten really interested in politics, so every now and then I'll have to blog about current events/politics.

I recently came across an interesting way to save money in the United States. I was quite shocked when I read these words from Nancy Pelosi.

"We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy." You may be thinking, "That's not so shocking. In fact, that's quite true." Yes, we do need to take responsibility for our gross spending, our need to keep up with the Joneses by accumulating massive credit card debt and buying houses that cost more than what we make in lifetime. If someone spent too much money, they should face the consequences (even though businesses and banks are receiving a bailout...that's a completely separate issue for another day). We very much have a responsibility to budget and spend money wisely. I mean, whatever happened to saving money?? Anyway, I digress.

Back to Nancy Pelosi's statement:
Apparently she wasn't talking about making the government save money by not going through with the bailout nor was she advocating that we as a people be more responsible with our finances. Nancy Pelosi's great solution to the problems of the economy is ABORTION! Are you kidding me?! She advocates abortion as a means to save the economy. How does this work? Well, the national government gives the state's money to perform abortions. If someone decides that they don't want to go through with their pregnancy, just take a stroll down to your local abortion clinic and have him/her (no, the baby is not an "it" even at conception) taken care of. Getting rid of unwanted children saves tax payers and the government money by cutting down the cost of welfare and health care. I'm so glad we're advocating murder as a means to save money. I find it funny that this same woman is very much opposed to the death penalty even though prisons are overcrowded and it costs more to take care of prisoners than it does to take care of a child.

She says:
"Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children’s health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception[i.e. abortion], will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government."

When asked if she gives any apologies for this, she says:
"No apologies. No. We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, some of the initiatives you just mentioned.[Basically she's saying that these companies with their excessive spending caused the things she mentioned, yet they get a bailout and we kill innocent children in the process.] What the economists have told us from right to left: There is more bang for the buck, a term they use, by investing in food stamps and in unemployment insurance than in any tax cut. Nonetheless, we are committed to the tax cuts because they do have a positive impact on the economy, even though not as big as the investments."
We're committed to giving money to companies who grossly mismanaged their money, yet we are not willing to invest in the lives of poor, helpless children who did not make the choice of being conceived. Now we can continue to bailout the irresponsible, yet this time the bailout costs human lives. Instead of punishing the cause of the economic downturn, we are preventing it from happening further by killing children who would be using the food stamps and health care, because their parents are irresponsible for having unprotected sex and mooching off the system. Why not give the food stamps and healthcare to the children and take it away from the irresponsible parents. Once again, the national government has come up with another "quick-fix" to a problem. First a bailout and now murder. These are obviously the only 2 options out there. Good job Nancy! I'm glad you did you homework!

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